Stop Watch

Finally! A Stop Watch that does everything you need. Great for coaches and individuals alike. Use it for track, swimming, running, biking, or anything else you can think of.

Stop Watch presents a simple interface that allows you to:

- Add as many laps as you need (laps with the lap time and the total time!)

- Add the date to the event

- Add a title to the event

- Edit individual lap information

- Save and load all of your data quickly

- Email the data inside Stop Watch

Stop Watch also features:

- A strobe light for night/morning running

- A timer that will run even after you close Stop Watch or after you save an event with a running timer

- Auto saving when you get a phone call or quit Stop Watch

- Full user interaction while the timer is running

- Optional countdown to timer start

- A smaller timer that displays the current lap's time, in addition to the main timer that displays the total time.

- An edit button so you can delete laps

- An option in Settings to flash the screen when buttons are pushed to make it easier to know if you pushed them

Note: You may see that the timer appears to jump at times, but be assured that the timer is still fully accurate. This jumping is just caused by the screen not being able to keep up with the timer.

You can download the Stop Watch user manual here

Any questions/comments/concerns or requests are welcome at our contact page or visit the PBI Forum.

Download Now for $1.99

UserGuide 4.0.pdfStop_Watch_files/UserGuide%204.0.pdfStop_Watch_files/UserGuide%204.0_1.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0

Biggest Update Ever!!

- Added a Seconds.Milliseconds Clock Type in Settings

- Bug fixes

- Chose the CSV data export order

- iOS 4.0 backgrounding support!

- iPhone 4 Retina Display support!

- Added iTunes file sharing! Get Stop Watch data off of your device without an internet connection!

- Added more options in the Settings application


- Set up to 60 timers/alarms with a completion date or time interval

- Local Notifications for timers so you can be alerted of timers while not in the app!

- 18 PBI Sounds for timers/alarms

- Start multiple timers at once

- Snooze option for alarms

- Repeating options for alarms

- Set the default tone for all new timers/alarms within StopWatch

We hope you enjoy this update!

Any questions are welcome at contact page.

New Update!

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